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Sky Grip

The Sky Grip (CE-approved) is a breakthrough in the field of safety brake devices as it not only senses slack rope, but also functions as a mechanical anti-tilting device. The Sky Grip automatically resets after it has been activated.

Installed on a platform with two hoists, the Sky Grip covers the risk of failure of the suspension rope, no load condition on the suspension rope and an inclination of the platform of more than 10 degrees.

The Sky Grip fall arrest safety device is fully compatible with the entire range of existing Sky Climber man-riding hoists.

Sky Lock

One of the important safety features of the Sky Climber SAE systems is the Sky Lock. A dynamic safety device which senses rope speed as it passes through the mechanism. If the hoist exceeds the factory pre-set speed of 25m/min. the Sky Lock will automatically trip and lock onto the secondary safety wire rope and support the load.

To meet the unified CE regulations, SKY LOCK should be mounted on a secondary steel wire rope.


  • Hoist Mounted
  • End Stirrup Mounted
  • Walk through stirrup mounted
Additional Skylock applications

Although designed to be used with Sky Climber hoists, the Sky Lock has found other uses as an independent safety device. On oil drillings rigs it is used by derrick climbers as a descent control device and on special purpose elevators as a brake. Requiring no external power source, the Sky Lock is available for additional special applications.

Other Safety Devices

To offer additional safety features, we stock a range of devices. Please contact us for further information on these items.

Ultimate Top Limit Switch

Mechanical Overload/Underload.
An electronic overload option is also available.

Top Limit

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