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Suspension Equipments

All our ‘Suspension Systems’ are designed for use with any Sky Climber powered access platform. This system combination forms a complete suspended access system and is a cost effective compliment to the range of Sky Climber products. To meet or exceed all safety requirements, the suspension systems are CE approved and accepted worldwide.

For further product information, visit the Information Centre.

Roof Beams

Zarafa provides several types of counterbalanced roof beams to meet any requirement. Using a minimum number of component parts, the roof beam is designed to solve most standard rigging problems. All our roof beams are modular, lightweight and easy to transport.

Products include steel telescopic mobile roof beams and aluminium mobile roof beams.



Adjustable Parapet Clamp

The Sky Climber Parapet Roof clamps are adjustable to fit most standard parapet walls. Detailed attention should be given to the roof/parapet structure to ensure strength and integrity. Tie-backs should be used under all circumstances.

Tank Suspension Systems

Many applications of the Sky Climber powered access platforms do not necessarily require being suspended down the side of a building or over a parapet. For accessing tanks, we can provide a tank bracket to offer suspension points for the suspended cradle.

Davits and Sockets

Davits and sockets are suitable for use on many permanently installed cradle systems as well as temporary cradles. They are suitable to be used on roofs with minimum or limited roof space where a roofcar system or counterbalanced suspension systems is not feasible. Please contact Zarafa for further information on product specification.

Monorail and Track Systems

Sky Climber monorail track is designed for permanent cradle systems mainly as suspension systems for 1 man work cages or 2 man P.I cradles. The tracks can be any length required to meet the building or structure specification. All our tracks are supplied with unique traction system 4 wheeled driven powered trolleys which operate at 18m per minute.

Monorail and Track systems can be designed for external applications and internal atriums.

Sky Master

The Sky Master is a new development using existing Sky Climber Hoists and platforms but adds a lightweight heavy duty mast system to provide extra support for suitable applications.

Engineered Suspension Solutions

Bespoke suspension systems can be designed and manufactured to meet your specific requirements. Zarafa’s design and engineering team work closely with leading manufacturers to provide customised suspension solutions. Using state of the art design software, Zarafa can design systems specific to the access problem faced.

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